Appriss Safety

Make better-informed decisions for early response to people-driven risk, with the nation’s most comprehensive arrest data network

Who we are

Appriss Safety operates the nation’s most comprehensive and up-to-date arrest data network. We deliver data-driven solutions that improve safety and security, and mitigate fraud and risk.

By delivering real-time notifications, context-sensitive risk assessments and actionable insights, we enable government agencies and commercial enterprises to make informed decisions that save lives, fight crime, reduce fraud, manage risk, and save valuable tax dollars.

Saving lives, fighting crime, and reducing risk across the nation

Since 1994, Appriss Safety has been keeping American communities safe and informed


Appriss Safety’s data-driven solutions are used across the United States to solve some of our toughest safety and risk management challenges.


Our solutions support the efforts of law enforcement, entitle program managers, corporate security officers, and victim advocates to keep communities safe and informed.


Providing peace of mind, Appriss’s VINE system delivers over 40 million offender custody status notifications to victims of crime and concerned citizens annually.

Our History

Originally known as Interactive Systems and The VINE Company, Appriss, Inc. was founded by Mike Davis and Yung Nguyen in 1994.

The two worked with Jefferson County, Kentucky government officials to develop the nation’s first automated victim information and notification system after the murder of Mary Byron by her former boyfriend and attacker.

Davis and Nguyen unveiled VINE® (Victim Information and Notification Everyday) in 1994, exactly one year after Mary’s murder. VINE remains the nation’s leading automated victim notification solution, delivering more than 40 million notifications annually.

Over the last two decades, Appriss has continued to explore new ways to keep communities safe and informed. The company has developed innovative software solutions to address the needs of public safety agencies, as well as healthcare and retail organizations.

At the beginning of 2016, Appriss divided into three distinct business entities: Public Safety, Healthcare and Retail, to bring industry-focus to our diverse family of data-driven solutions.


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