Enhancements for good: Connecting victims to their communities with the Enhanced VINE service

Enhancements for good: Connecting victims to their communities with the Enhanced VINE service

Victim Information and Notification Everyday, or VINE as it is more commonly known, is Appriss Safety’s flagship service that offers peace of mind to victims of crime by providing them access to timely and reliable offender information. Free to users, victims can anonymously check on an offender’s custody status by telephone, internet, and/or mobile app. Victims also have the ability to register to receive automated notifications about changes in custody status via their choice of delivery method: in-app, telephone, email, or text.

Born out of tragedy in 1994, VINE has been an integral piece of victims’ safety plans since for over 23 years. Today Appriss operates the nation’s most comprehensive and current arrest data network, and VINE remains the nation’s leading automated victim notification solution–delivering more than 40 million notifications annually.

In the spring of 2017, Appriss launched the nationwide rollout of a years-long initiative to give those reliant on VINE an enhanced platform with new features and a more intuitive user experience. New features; same goal: keep victims safe through the power of information.

Technology is changing more rapidly than ever, and we knew that we needed to evolve with it. We set out to increase the power and scope of VINE−to reach more people, help more victims. But we also knew that we needed to do it right. When you’re in the business of saving lives, there is very little room for error. See, we are data scientists. We are engineers. We knew we needed to bring in expert input. So we spent years−YEARS−researching…testing…re-testing…researching some more. Brainstorming sessions, surveys, panels, focus groups. We talked to victim service providers, criminal justice personnel, law enforcement, industry experts, and victims themselves to make sure that we designed and built a product that would best serve the interest of victims and those trying to help them.

At the end of May, Nevada became the first state to launch what we now call the Enhanced VINE service. Three more states followed suit in 2017, and eight are in the queue for 2018.

The Enhanced VINE service leverages technology to provide a refined user experience and improve access to services for victims of crime. Some of the new benefits include:

  • Service Provider Directory: Less than 1 out of 10 victims reportedly get the professional help they need. To bridge this gap, Appriss designed a nationwide Service Provider Directory. The Service Provider Directory enables victims to locate appropriate service providers using a self-guided workflow.
  • Offender Watch List: Bookmark offenders to a personalized ‘Watch List.’
  • Contacts List: Save preferred service providers to your VINE account contacts list.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Technology: Search for offenders using advanced voice and keypad technology.
  • “Quick Escape” Button: One click will immediately redirect you from the VINE website to google.com

We are so proud of this service. We believe that this enhanced version of VINE will truly change victims’ lives. Not only will it continue to keep them safe through victim notification, but it will also aid in their recovery processes by directly connecting them to the help that they need and deserve.

And that’s #knowledgeforgood!


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Kate Chmielewski, Communications Manager


Kate Chmielewski, Communications Manager

Kate Chmielewski is the Communications Manager at Appriss Safety and takes great pride in spreading Appriss’ mission of ‘Knowledge for Good’ to the public. Kate has spent her career-to-date in various communications-based roles in both the financial and software development spaces, sharpening this industry-transcendent skill set each step of the way. While championing Appriss Safety and narrating the power of its solutions are her primary job functions by day, Kate also enjoys spending time with her husband and their toddlers in and around the Chicagoland region.

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