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Presentation for Medicaid agencies on incarceration trends, the Medicaid Enrollee Incarceration Lifecycle, and how to use incarceration data to prevent improper payments and ensure beneficiary continuity of care.

Appriss’ Program Integrity for Medicaid solution seeks to ensure that incarcerated Medicaid beneficiaries receive seamless continuity of care, and that their care is financed by the appropriate parties.

Appriss collects more than 9 million incarceration records annually (48 states), from over 2,000 facilities enabling the identification of super utilizers with incarceration and prescription monitoring data.

MobilePatrol is a free app that connects communities to important safety information, news, and critical alerts. Use this quick reference guide to set up your account, connect with social media, and customize your content fields.

JusticeXchange is a powerful tool for locating and catching missing or wanted persons. Law enforcement officers use JusticeXchange to monitor persons of interest and determine key relationships to solve crimes with greater speed and efficiency….

ArrestWatch empowers government entitlement program managers with the ability to query thousands of criminal justice databases simultaneously. Government agencies using ArrestWatch have uncovered millions of dollars in fraudulent…

The general public can register with VINE to receive custody status updates on offenders and court case changes by visiting Use this guide to help you update a VINELink registration.

The general public can register with VINE to receive custody status updates on offenders and court case changes by visiting Use this quick reference guide to help you register for notifications.

Keep threats out. Find threats within. Your clients deserve to know when their business is at risk. With the addition of RiskCheckNow, your clients have peace of mind of knowing their business is safe from insider threats.

VINE® is America’s number one victim notification network, empowering victims and concerned citizens with timely and reliable information regarding offenders.

RiskCheckNow provides up-to-date booking data to help your agency reach its goals of preventing, detecting and recovering improper payment of unemployment insurance to individuals that are incarcerated.

Safer communities begin with better communication. MobilePatrol is a free app that allows your agency to rapidly and conveniently share vital public safety information to the communities you serve.

Take your investigations further with access to national real-time booking and release data. JusticeXchange is an integrated solution that provides access to up-to-date booking and incarceration data from thousands of government agencies across…

ArrestWatch provides near real-time data to transition your agency from pay and chase to pay accurately by promptly detecting and preventing overpayments to ineligible claimants.

Helping you locate non-custodial parents. ArrestWatch is an integrated justice solution that provides near real-time incarceration status from thousands of agencies across the country.