Justice Intelligence

Justice Intelligence is an integrated solution that provides access to up-to-date incarceration data from thousands of jails and DOC facilities across the country. 

Fight Crime with Justice Intelligence

Justice Intelligence is a secure web portal that provides access to an instant, up-to-date database of current and historical booking information including biographical information, charges, and photographs of offenders.

Justice Intelligence puts over 140 million nationwide booking records from over 2,000 jails and DOCs at your fingertips. It makes justice information sharing fast and easy, so you can quickly locate persons of interest. Law enforcement agencies also utilize Justice Intelligence to continuously monitor targeted populations or persons of interest. If an individual monitored by your agency via Justice Intelligence is booked into custody nearly anywhere across the U.S., you will receive a real-time alert, including location and contact information for the facility.

Justice Intelligence has become a critical tool for locating and apprehending missing or wanted persons. Justice Intelligence lets you do more with less.

Justice Intelligence Features

Quickly access nationwide offender information such as bookings, probation and parole data, sex offender records, and more, without leaving your desk or picking up the phone.


Our customizable engine id programmed based on your specified search criteria. When it finds a match, it alerts you within 60 minutes of the event, speeding up investigations and saving you valuable time and resources.


The reports feature offers the ability to run reports on accessible data, currently incarcerated offenders, persons of interest, visitor logs, and recent bookings.


In addition to the millions of booking records made available to Justice Intelligence, we also tie into landline/cell records, OFAC Specially Designated Nationals list, and more.

Data-Driven Results

Quickly access nationwide offender information such as bookings, probation and parole data, sex offender records, and more, without leaving your desk or picking up the phone.


Data refreshes every hour to ensure that you have the most up-to-date information available for your investigation whenever you log in.


Delivers over 140 million booking records and other offender data from over 80% of U.S. jails and DOC facilities, making it the most complete network of incarceration data available.


With the LinkedUp visual analytics tool, you can now see how individuals are connected to others, family relationships, accomplices, etc.


View incident reports in your area, and use our cutting-edge mapping feature to collect crime trend information and hot spots.


Locate non-compliant offenders either through the watch feature or simply by searching our database.


Integrate and search various systems in your jurisdiction, such as the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Hear what law enforcement are saying about Justice intelligence

Capital Murder Suspect Located

Det. Peggy Minchew, with the Jacksonville, FL police department, was looking for an individual since 2007 wanted for multiple murders. Using Appriss’ Justice Intelligence solution she located the suspect’s sister and placed a watch on the suspect and his family. Det. Minchew received a watch hit on the suspect in Arkansas, and he is now incarcerated in Arkansas awaiting trial on his charges.

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