Risk Intelligence

Protection from legal, regulatory, financial, and reputational penalties of rogue employees

Mitigate Insider Risk with Enhanced Background Checks and Continuous Monitoring

A recent study of over 400,000 employees found that about 12% of the workforce is likely to be incarcerated within the next five years. How does this figure translate to risk for your business?

A substantial amount of people-based risk goes unnoticed and unmanaged. Corporations are using Appriss’ Risk Intelligence solution to enhance background checks and uncover threats through continuous employee monitoring and alerts. Risk Intelligence’s proprietary, nationwide incarceration data identifies criminal convictions that would otherwise go undetected using traditional address history and National Criminal Database searches.

Think conviction data is enough? Think again. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, two-thirds of all felony arrests are pending disposition six months later, and a third are still pending after 12 months. This delay leaves businesses wide open to risk for months, if not years. Insider threat risks can be catastrophic to your business. They can result in loss of profitability, reputation, loyalty, and the safety of both customers and employees.

Risk Intelligence strengthens companies’ security through the most comprehensive background checks and ongoing employee risk assessment available in the market.

Our Holistic Approach to Insider Risk Mitigation

To efficiently mitigate insider risk, a business must address both pre-hire employee screenings and post-hire employee monitoring. Risk Intelligence takes a two-pronged, holistic approach to enhancing background screenings for both stages of employment:

Incarceration Screen

Enhances pre-employment screening to keep threats out.

Access accurate, timely, and comprehensive incarceration data to significantly widen the scope of pre-hire background screenings.

Incarceration Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of employees, post-hire, to identify threats within.

Place “watches” on employee lists, and receive automated alerts when an employee is:

  • Booked into custody
  • Released from custody
  • Incarcerated for a certain “length of stay”

Risk Intelligence’s Powerful Incarceration Database

Our incarceration database is unmatched in coverage. Query over 2,000 criminal justice databases at once across the nation.


Risk Intelligence provides access to over 140 million bookings records in the U.S., thanks to Appriss’s direct connections to over 2,000 state and county jail facilities.


Risk Intelligence allows you to continuously monitoring your employees, and will alert you when a monitored employee is incarcerated, usually in less than 60 minutes of booking. These real-time notifications provide the earliest indication of potential criminal risk.

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