Keeping communities safer and better informed through victim notification and criminal data access

We understand how challenging it is to keep your community safe

Communities today face greater challenges than ever related to keeping victims of crimes safer and better informed. Victims and their families may live in constant fear of being re-victimized and not understand their rights to be notified about offender status.

With limited community resources, it’s challenging for your community to connect victims with the right support services. Your community residents may not know how to navigate the criminal justice system, so remain uninformed and at risk.

Overall, your community may lack the resources in staffing, data access, and communication tools that are essential for updating residents about criminal activity that can help them be safer.

Better protect victims at no additional cost to your community

Your residents now have greater peace of mind thanks to a free and confidential solution that gives them access to timely, accurate information about offenders. You’re helping victims, their families, and concerned residents be alerted on offender custody status changes–safely and anonymously.

Victims can now comfortably navigate justice system data and be alerted when offenders are paroled or released from incarceration. Through 24-hour support, you’re helping victims connect to the right resources. With a free, mobile app, you’re also keeping citizens well informed about vital public safety information.

All in all, your residents feel safer and better informed, at no cost to your community.

What Appriss solutions can mean for your community

At Appriss Safety, we’ve built our reputation on knowledge for good—providing communities with innovative data and support tools that can keep them well informed about offender status, safety alerts, and other critical news.

With VINE, we’re providing offender custody status information to more than 20 million people in the U.S. a year. Victims and concerned citizens made over 46 million offender and case searches with VINE in 2015. And VINE users are receiving 42 million notifications annually. We take pride in making America safer, community by community, through critical data access and notification.

Through MobilePatrol™, we’re providing local law enforcement and public safety officials with a way to connect with their communities—alerting residents about most wanted lists, area sex offenders, and other important safety information.

Appriss Safety is making a difference in communities in 48 states and we’re ready to make a difference in yours.


“VINE is so critical to the victim’s well-being. I know from personal experience that VINE gave me such peace of mind and allowed me to concentrate on other areas of my life that were so critical. It was reassuring to know that this service was available to keep me informed. THANK YOU for VINE!!!”


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