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We understand the challenges law enforcement officials face every day

For modern law enforcement, a typical day can look like this: a full docket of crimes to solve with limited staffing and outdated technology holding you back. Data roadblocks that slow you down, due to insufficient access to the incarceration data you need for your country, state, or other states.

Data that isn’t current. Searches to locate persons of interest and determine key relationships are time-consuming and even fruitless without the right technology. Overall, you’re being asked to do more with limited dollars and no additional staff.

Picture a different scenario

Your staff has full, real-time data support in the office and in the field to help them solve crimes faster and curtail repeat offenses. They’re working more efficiently with access to incarceration records for your jurisdiction, as well as county, state, and majority of other states, nationwide.

Thanks to the right data and analytical solutions, your officers are monitoring persons of interest and gaining insights into the interrelationships that can impact solving crimes. They’re feeling supported by technology that can help them do their jobs better.

The bottom line: your team is solving more crimes quicker – without additional staff.

What Appriss solutions can mean for you

We understand the challenges and demands of law enforcement and are here to support you with powerful data and analytic tools. With aggregated data from over 80% of the nation’s jails and DOC facilities, we provide the most comprehensive network of incarceration data, allowing agencies to access over 140 million booking and incarceration records, and counting.

Our solutions make it possible to simultaneously query thousands of criminal justice databases across the U.S. We make it easier to locate and monitor probationers, parolees, sex offenders, gang members, and many others.

Appriss solutions are ready to help you solve crimes, monitor persons of interest, locate missing persons, and keep your community alerted on public safety issues with timeliness and efficiency.

case studies

Learn how we’ve helped law enforcement professionals


Charles Sears, Parole Officer with the Absconder Search Unit of the New York State Division of Parole, had been looking for a male who had been classified as a parole absconder for six months. He used the Justice Intelligence watch feature and received the notice that the male was arrested in Dekalb County, Georgia.



Teresa McKinney, Division Manager of Planning and Development with the Durham County, North Carolina Sheriff’s Office, was informed a sex offender had moved into the county but failed to register. An officer searched Justice Intelligence and found another booking of the individual with a home address in a different city.



Tony Hall, a research specialist/analyst with the Texas Department of Public Safety, Bureau of Information Analysis, Threat Analysis Group, placed a Justice Intelligence watch on the leaders of a gang he was tracking in order to be notified if any of them encountered law enforcement.



“I have used Justice Intelligence in the past, and it has proven to be a very effective tool. Now, I can say that it helped me catch a very dangerous parole absconder, so I am a true believer in its capabilities. Thank you for the service that you provide.”

Parole Officer, New York State Division of Parole

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